Honeymoon Tour Packages Mount Bromo

Honeymoon is one of the most beautiful vacation moments for couples who just got married. Usually couples who want to choose a honeymoon tourist destinations that offer views of the beautiful, quiet, and convenient to romancing. Has now available a wide selection of tour packages for couples who want to honeymoon.

Honeymoon Tour Packages Mount Bromo

Honeymoon Tour Packages Mount Bromo

honeymoon in bromo

There are couples who choose a tropical atmosphere of the exotic beach of nan, some are not paced choose package tours overseas.
If you guys are couples who choose to travel in a cool place and has a beautiful natural panorama, bromo tour packages could be in 2008. Mount Bromo is one of the famous tourist attraction in Indonesia. Bromo volcano could be the perfect place to carve out a memorable honeymoon. Already there are many facilities that will simplify and make you guys comfortable vacation.

For the bromo tour packages, have available many homestay or guest house for you guys stay comfortably can you guys a message directly or online. The price varies and is relatively cheap. If you guys want to stay in a cosy place memorable fancy, You can choose several mini hotels whose prices range from Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 800,000.

For vehicles heading for the area of Mount Bromo tours you have to rent a jeep, since private cars are not allowed in the area of tourism. Rent jeep around Rp 500.000 up to Rp 1.2 million, adjusted with the mileage package you select.

Exciting activities could you guys do in the bromo tour packages in order the honeymoon you guys. Typically, the tourists will start the day by watching the Sunrise Penanjakan 1. It is advisable to get up around 4 a.m. to be able to enjoy a moment of waiting for sunrise. Then you can continue the adventure to Whispering Sand then head to Bromo Crater by riding a horse with a cost of around Rp 100,000 for PP.

If you take the most expensive jeep package, you can also sent to enjoy a savanna or desert weeds that are located far enough after whispering Sands area. Spot the savanna is very nice for you guys to a new partner to capture the precious moments you guys with Hill view Teletubis.

12 Important Tips for Going To Mount Ijen Crater

12 Important Tips for Going To Mount Ijen Crater . Ijen Crater on this weekend is on the rise. Ijen Crater does save a lot of charm, one of the charms of the famous Ijen crater is its fire blue. Which is only two worlds. So it’s no wonder if Ijen crater is a good destination for foreign tourists. Before traveling to the Ijen crater, you need to prepare everything first. In order to be able to run smoothly. Because there are no disappointing results a mature delivery. Agree? Okay see my review some of the tips below.

12 Important Tips for Going To Mount Ijen Crater

Important Tips Travel for Going To Mount Ijen Crater

1. Select the travel date . As you know, this tourist attraction of Ijen Crater has been in great demand by tourists. Therefore, lodging will be difficult to see and not planned far in advance. Therefore, you must plan from the beginning. Or for those of you who like camping in the wild, you can camp in the available campground area. Paltunding area.

2. Choose the right time. For those of you who will go in the rainy season, think again. Are all your additional and physical equipment ready? If not, it’s better to choose to go in the dry season. Because in the dry season, the weather will be more friendly. And the scenery that you enjoy is also better.

3. Prepare physically. You need to know, we can take the Ijen crater for 3 hours. The distance is not close, especially if the path we are going through is uphill and sandy. It must be draining. Don’t stop and fail to reach the peak due to memories. Especially for those of you who before were led to spend a motorcycle. Therefore, try to exercise regularly before going down.

4. Prepare the vehicle. Not only physical do you need to prepare to go to the Ijen crater. But vehicle conditions are also important. For the sake of maintaining security on the way. Moreover, the road to the Ijen crater which has many turns and occasionally there is a hole in the road. And yap! One more thing you need to prepare, fill in the full gasoline of your vehicle. There is a first truth in front of the sempol health center. It is a place to fill a lot before reaching paltunding.

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5. Clothing and equipment.

  • Jacket Because the temperature of the Ijen crater is quite cold, then bring a thick jacket. Not just a fashion jacket. In addition, wear long sleeves before you use a jacket.
  • Quickdry pants . Try to use quickdry pants (quick dry pants). Because the weather on the mountain is difficult to guess, there is no harm in using quickdry pants. So that at any time can cause air to dry quickly.
  • Rain coat . You always have to carry a raincoat, even though it’s a dry season. Because the weather on the mountain is hard to guess. Especially if you will leave in the rainy season. Required to carry this one item. To keep your clothes dry to avoid hypothermia.
  • Flashlight. We give the flashlight while going to the Ijen crater. Because there we will start climbing in the early hours. Therefore, bring a flashlight and a spare battery. I want to use a headlamp to make it easier for us.
  • Handcuffs & gloves. Because the jacket can’t change all parts of the body. Eat to use a curl as a headgear and gloves as gelatin not cold.
  • Mountaineering boots. Use sandals that will feel more comfortable because they are light. But make no mistake, shoes will feel more comfortable to cool. With some considerations. Among them with the presence of cold shoes will not approach our feet. The second is to remove our feet from injury.
  • Mask. Masks are needed if you are going to climb the Ijen crater. Enjoy if you want to go down to the friend’s base to see blue fire. The smell of sulfuric fumes will be very dangerous for breathing. One tip for you guys. Try inside the mask with moistened tissue to prevent entry as soon as possible. Because of the mask, I think it’s still lacking.
  • Eye glasses. Glasses are no less important to prevent sulfur as soon as possible. Sulfur smoke that affects the eyes can make the eyes feel until they emit tears. And why do you need clear glasses? So that your vision isn’t disturbed. Because you cool when it’s still dark.

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6. Cameras . Cameras are the most important thing for some people. If you can’t find the right place, you have never been to that place. Therefore, you must prepare the camera and other equipment properly. Oops, don’t forget your cellphone, power bank and camera are charged

7. Food & drink . The food and drinks we bring must be sufficient. To avoid hunger and thirst. 😀 should buy food before reaching the tourist area, so that the price is more affordable.

8. Portable stove. Stoves you might need if you choose to camp. And try to bring a stove that is not too heavy like a portable stove. And don’t forget to bring the gas.

10. Sufficient cash. You need to prepare enough cash while going to the Ijen crater. Because there is no ATM. Therefore, prepare enough cash for smooth and comfort while in the Ijen crater.

11. Chasing blue fire. Blue fire is the main destination for tourists visiting the Ijen crater. But if you want to witness this event it takes a struggle. That is leaving more subordinate and not wasting time. So that we don’t arrive late at the bottom of the crater.

12. Pray before leaving. If the preparation is complete, stay one more. That is praying to be given fluency during the trip. Amen …

Source 12 Important Tips for Going To Mount Ijen Crater : https://kawahijentour.com/

Enjoy Bromo Ijen Tour Package From Surabaya Malang Bali Yogyakarta

Enjoy Bromo Ijen Tour Package From Surabaya Malang Bali Yogyakarta . Ijen Crater is located on top of Mount Ijen with the altitude of 2,443 meters above sea level. This crater looks like a lake. It has the depth of 200 meters and the area of 5,466 hectares. Unlike most craters, this one has a sublime blue color. Although not less beautiful, Ijen Crater still loses to Mount Bromo in terms of popularity. But, if we search for Ijen Crater in travel blogs, it is almost always included as one of the best destinations in East Java. This article will offer you the best Bromo Ijen tour package.

It is not surprising that Ijen Crater is rated as the most beautiful destination in East Java. The lake in this crater is known to have the highest acidity among all lakes in the world. Other than the beautiful lake, the interesting natural phenomenon in Ijen Crater is the blue fire phenomenon. This amazing phenomenon only occurs in two places, namely Ijen Crater and Iceland. It is a must-visit destination in the Bromo Ijen tour package. To Indonesians, this adds pride of having a country with magnificent nature.

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 Bromo Ijen Tour Package

The Ways to Enjoy Bromo Ijen Tour Package

In addition to the natural phenomenon, you can also witness the strength of local sulfur miners around Ijen Crater. Imagine carrying 70-100 kilograms of sulfur on your back. That is what these miners do every day. Besides carrying sulfur for industry, they also offer cute souvenirs made from sulfur. These souvenirs are made from sulfur that’s molded into various shapes. To reach Ijen Crater, you will have to walk. But don’t worry about being lonely because the track to this crater is always full of enthusiasts. You will reach the crater in about two hours. Accommodation in Bromo Ijen tour package is not a problem because there are many places offering accommodation with various prices and please see offering cheap price from bromosemerutrekking.com .

Trekking Mount Bromo In East Java Indonesia

Trekking Mount Bromo In East Java Indonesia. Indonesia is the most perfect and geologically diverse place because it has many active volcanoes and daily earthquakes.

Mount Bromo is located in the eastern part of Java, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, but despite the status of active volcanoes, it is the most desirable to visit. The reason why it is so attractive for domestic to foreign tourists is because it is easily accessible, there is no need to climb worthy of other volcanoes.

Trekking Mount Bromo In East Java Indonesia

Trekking Mount Bromo In East Java Indonesia With Travel Agent

In contrast to the volcanoes in general, Mount Bromo is surrounded by a plain known as the “Sea Of Sand” – fine volcanic sand that has been a protected area since 1919. In addition you will also find a vast meadow on the east side of bromo mountain. A perfect sight if you are here.

Mount Bromo is one of the volcanoes that enter the area in Bromo-Tergger-Semeru National Park. The majority of tourists who visit Bromo from Probolinggo city, only about 3 hours from the city of Surabaya to reach your destination. In addition if you go to bromo via probolinggo will be more choice of place to stay with direct view to bromo.

Cemoro Lawang Village – is the last village to start climbing activities to mount bromo via probolinggo. The charm of Mount Bromo is the best right at sunrise. You have to get up at 3:30 a.m. and challenge the almost freezing temperature in the dark while waiting for the sun to rise.

Tour in Bromo must be with a jeep vehicle and to explore is not required to use guide services. This national park is easily explored on its own and there are many choices to see Mount Bromo.

The beauty of sunrise in bromo mountain is amazing and attracts many tourists from various regions. In general, tourists will come to bromo by using travel agent services, and this service can be found in online media such as surabayabromotour.com

Options For Surabaya Tour Packages To Mount Bromo

Options For Surabaya Tour Packages To Mount Bromo . Bromo is one of the most popular mountains that is accessible even for the most amateur mountaineer. Indeed, this mountain is available for everyone who wants to submit at least one in their lifetime. This mountain is easy for you to climb since you can go there in a jeep. Therefore, there are so many travel agents which offer Bromo tour package for the tourists. Indeed, this is something that will be very attractive for the tourists due to their simplicity and well-organized schedule. So, if you are a tourist who wants to get the most of Bromo, don’t hesitate to find your best Bromo experience.

Options For Surabaya Tour Packages To Mount Bromo
Surabaya Bromo Tour Package Tips and trick option

When choosing the package, the first thing you will need to consider is how long you will be there. Will you travel only for your getaway in a short weekend? If you really want to spend a weekend with your family on the beautiful mountain, then you can consider finding the best package with one-day plan. You will spend a day in Bromo, from seeing the sunrise to exploring the Bromo crater. For everyone who brings children, this option of Bromo tour package is also recommended because you will experience summiting on the back of a horse.

If you want to spend more time in Bromo and close areas, you can go with 2 nights and 3 days’ package. This will be better if you want to experience relaxing trip with your family. With this package, you will also get the opportunity for finding the unique things, such as the local culinary and also the unique souvenirs there. Don’t hesitate to try some new things when you are there Options For Surabaya Tour Packages To Mount Bromo . This package will also bring you to the famous Ijen crater, so your trip will be perfect with Surabaya Bromo tour .

The Beauty of Natural Panorama In Mount Rinjani Trekking


Mount Rinjani Trekking is known as one of the exotic mountains in Indonesia which is often a place of climbing for many people ranging from local residents, domestic tourists to foreign tourists. Because of the magnitude of this mountain makes Mount Rinjani located in 3 districts at once namely the district of East Lombok, Central Lombok and West Lombok. The magnitude of this mountain is directly proportional to the beauty that is owned. Especially the view at the summit, the view of the city on the island of Lombok with the background of the blue sea that spread wide. Then the beauty of 3 other mountains each located in Sumbawa, Bali Island and on the island of Java.

Another beauty from behind this Rinjani Mountain is from the existence of a natural lake near the top of Rinjani which is often called Segara Anak. In this lake many climbers who took off tired after struggling to climb Rinjani more than halfway. Nevertheless the journey to the summit will be more tiring than the other extreme paths that have been surpassed like the savannah or 7 hills of regret. Because on the way to the top of gravel rocks will inhibit every step of the climber and then added with a slope of about 70 degrees to make climbers will often fall if not becareful in stomping because every step you can just fall back to 2 steps back.

For that on the way to Rinjani you have to prepare everything with a mature ranging from physical, mental to equipment brought. In addition you should not be careless in choosing a guide or porter who will help you in bringing luggage. This is because some time ago Mount Rinjani was busy discussed because of the many tourists who lost their valuables when left to the top. Therefore, before climbing to the top of Plewangan Sembalun you should not leave your valuables in the tent or if it is forced to leave valuables in the tent you should entrust to people you have trusted. In order for adverse events such as theft and so forth not to occur and harm you.