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Trekking Mount Bromo In East Java Indonesia

Trekking Mount Bromo In East Java Indonesia. Indonesia is the most perfect and geologically diverse place because it has many active volcanoes and daily earthquakes.

Mount Bromo is located in the eastern part of Java, one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia, but despite the status of active volcanoes, it is the most desirable to visit. The reason why it is so attractive for domestic to foreign tourists is because it is easily accessible, there is no need to climb worthy of other volcanoes.

Trekking Mount Bromo In East Java Indonesia

Trekking Mount Bromo In East Java Indonesia With Travel Agent

In contrast to the volcanoes in general, Mount Bromo is surrounded by a plain known as the “Sea Of Sand” – fine volcanic sand that has been a protected area since 1919. In addition you will also find a vast meadow on the east side of bromo mountain. A perfect sight if you are here.

Mount Bromo is one of the volcanoes that enter the area in Bromo-Tergger-Semeru National Park. The majority of tourists who visit Bromo from Probolinggo city, only about 3 hours from the city of Surabaya to reach your destination. In addition if you go to bromo via probolinggo will be more choice of place to stay with direct view to bromo.

Cemoro Lawang Village – is the last village to start climbing activities to mount bromo via probolinggo. The charm of Mount Bromo is the best right at sunrise. You have to get up at 3:30 a.m. and challenge the almost freezing temperature in the dark while waiting for the sun to rise.

Tour in Bromo must be with a jeep vehicle and to explore is not required to use guide services. This national park is easily explored on its own and there are many choices to see Mount Bromo.

The beauty of sunrise in bromo mountain is amazing and attracts many tourists from various regions. In general, tourists will come to bromo by using travel agent services, and this service can be found in online media such as

Options For Surabaya Tour Packages To Mount Bromo

Options For Surabaya Tour Packages To Mount Bromo . Bromo is one of the most popular mountains that is accessible even for the most amateur mountaineer. Indeed, this mountain is available for everyone who wants to submit at least one in their lifetime. This mountain is easy for you to climb since you can go there in a jeep. Therefore, there are so many travel agents which offer Bromo tour package for the tourists. Indeed, this is something that will be very attractive for the tourists due to their simplicity and well-organized schedule. So, if you are a tourist who wants to get the most of Bromo, don’t hesitate to find your best Bromo experience.

Options For Surabaya Tour Packages To Mount Bromo
Surabaya Bromo Tour Package Tips and trick option

When choosing the package, the first thing you will need to consider is how long you will be there. Will you travel only for your getaway in a short weekend? If you really want to spend a weekend with your family on the beautiful mountain, then you can consider finding the best package with one-day plan. You will spend a day in Bromo, from seeing the sunrise to exploring the Bromo crater. For everyone who brings children, this option of Bromo tour package is also recommended because you will experience summiting on the back of a horse.

If you want to spend more time in Bromo and close areas, you can go with 2 nights and 3 days’ package. This will be better if you want to experience relaxing trip with your family. With this package, you will also get the opportunity for finding the unique things, such as the local culinary and also the unique souvenirs there. Don’t hesitate to try some new things when you are there Options For Surabaya Tour Packages To Mount Bromo . This package will also bring you to the famous Ijen crater, so your trip will be perfect with Surabaya Bromo tour .