The Beauty of Natural Panorama In Mount Rinjani Trekking


Mount Rinjani Trekking is known as one of the exotic mountains in Indonesia which is often a place of climbing for many people ranging from local residents, domestic tourists to foreign tourists. Because of the magnitude of this mountain makes Mount Rinjani located in 3 districts at once namely the district of East Lombok, Central Lombok and West Lombok. The magnitude of this mountain is directly proportional to the beauty that is owned. Especially the view at the summit, the view of the city on the island of Lombok with the background of the blue sea that spread wide. Then the beauty of 3 other mountains each located in Sumbawa, Bali Island and on the island of Java.

Another beauty from behind this Rinjani Mountain is from the existence of a natural lake near the top of Rinjani which is often called Segara Anak. In this lake many climbers who took off tired after struggling to climb Rinjani more than halfway. Nevertheless the journey to the summit will be more tiring than the other extreme paths that have been surpassed like the savannah or 7 hills of regret. Because on the way to the top of gravel rocks will inhibit every step of the climber and then added with a slope of about 70 degrees to make climbers will often fall if not becareful in stomping because every step you can just fall back to 2 steps back.

For that on the way to Rinjani you have to prepare everything with a mature ranging from physical, mental to equipment brought. In addition you should not be careless in choosing a guide or porter who will help you in bringing luggage. This is because some time ago Mount Rinjani was busy discussed because of the many tourists who lost their valuables when left to the top. Therefore, before climbing to the top of Plewangan Sembalun you should not leave your valuables in the tent or if it is forced to leave valuables in the tent you should entrust to people you have trusted. In order for adverse events such as theft and so forth not to occur and harm you.

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